st patricks day parade (1)

Note from the Parade Captain 3/6/2023

Brothers and Sisters of FOE 871, 

The following is a note from the St. Ballyshaners St. Patrick's Day Parade Captain


Board of Trustees





We appreciate you all and the color and sound you brought to our parade, as well as the joy you brought to our City!

This link is courtesy of the Zebra Press - you can watch the entire parade as if you were at the grandstand.

 St. Patrick's Day Parade, Alexandria, VA, March 4, 2023 | OFFICIAL VIDEO— this is the recording of the whole livestream!! Ballyshaners present the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Alexandria, VA find yourselves—see... | By The Zebra Press - GOOD News in A


John Bryk, Parade Captain

Ballyshaners St. Patrick's Day Parade


The Ballyshaners, Inc.



Tám'árthach foluaineach lán d'eascanna.

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